How Right-Fix Supports Realtors

1. Pre-Listing Updates and Repairs

Let's say you're preparing a house for sale, and you're trying to figure out which changes are necessary before you and your client list the property. Focus on neglected repairs first. These look like water stains, cracks in drywall, doors that don't open and close properly, and so on. 

Next, look at modest updates. These are commonly touch-up painting, replacing damaged trim, minor electrical or plumbing updates (new sink fixture, new outlet), and perhaps replacing the country wood ceiling fan with contemporary sconces.

2. Inspection Report Quoting

We frequently assist real estate professionals and their clients with home inspection reports. Let's picture this in a certain framework: you've done everything right, you've set expectations for your seller, you have an idea what the right buyer looks like, and then the inspection report comes.

It undoes your days, weeks, and even months of hard work. A deal can potentially go south because of an inspection report. What if you had a trusted resource that would quote every line item on the inspection report so that you have accurate numbers to negotiate with (or complete repairs)? 

Visit our pricing page for more details.

3. Post-Purchase Personalizations

New home buyers want to make their house their own. While spending money and buying a house, they're in the mood to spend more money and are willing to invest into the property's look and feel, transforming it from someone else's house to theirs.

Since we handle projects from small home improvement through remodeling and custom work, we're the ideal resource to be introduced to your client.

4. Knowledgeable Resource

We have a thorough understanding of how everything works in the home: plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems, you name it. Our design and construction projects always keep in mind the overall function and usability of a space and effects of change in season (believe us, there are effects!).

5. Creative and Innovative Design

Every week, we engage projects that are completely unique to a client. What does this mean to you? We are fearless in delivering a look or function that a client desires.

For example, when working with clients on a kitchen, we spend an extensive period of time reviewing exactly how they work in the kitchen: where things are stored and put away, etc. We want to know their process when they prepare meals. This way form always follows function. Anyone can have beautiful cabinetry, but is it a joy to work in their own kitchen?


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