We believe pricing should always be fair!

Free estimates and project evaluations!

Project cost is provided in writing in advance of any work performed, and with no surprises. This advanced estimate will include a detailed description of work to be completed, including a "not to exceed value."

Fees for service are billed on an hourly basis so that you pay only for the work completed. We charge $75 an hour, and we have a two hour minimum for all work.

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Inspection Reports

Inspection reports are quoted an a fee-for-quote basis. A flat $150 fee is paid in advance of receiving a quote for an inspection report.

The fee is charged, because this report is used as a tool to negotiate a home sale and not to initiate repairs. This fee is independent of any work that may result from the quote.

This fee can be applied to repairs or updates by either the seller or buyer as long as the work exceeds $500 in labor.

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